Hi there! I'm Bridget. 

Now, tell me... how are your hormones? Let's talk about your period.

Too many menstruators experience disruptive hormonal imbalances that cause issues with fertility, energy, and cycle regularity. I help menstruators address the root cause of their hormone imbalance so that they can enjoy confidence in their body and have the knowledge to support hormone health for the long run

Together, we can get to the root cause of your hormone imbalance in order to:

Are you overwhelmed and stressed out by an unruly menstrual cycle and concerns about fertility? You no longer have to go month to month, hating your unpredictable period or just trying to manage PMS and cramping. 

By making tweaks to your lifestyle, nutrition, and self-care practices, you can support a healthy hormone balance that makes you feel good. All women and menstruators deserve access to information on their bodies, don't you think? I became a certified Functional Hormone Specialist and Menstrual Cycle Coach for just this reason--to help you learn how to support your hormones for the long term. Not just a quick fix. 

Are you interested in working together to reach your hormone and cyclical goals? This is what working together would look like:

Are you ready to take care of yourself by addressing your period problems and fertility concerns?

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